TI 84 CE Calculator Manual App Reviews

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Possible refund? Good app, just mistakenly bought this.

This is a good app for what it is, yet not the app I was looking for. It is my fault for not reading the title more clearly before purchasing, but is there any possible way I could get a refund? Thank you for taking your time to read.


i thought i was buying a calculator not a calculator GUIDE. disappointed...


Do not buy!! I want a refund!!!


The developers make the app look like an calculator, but it's NOT, it's just a poor handbook. A poor handbook for 5$ !!! Are you guys serious? The point is the refund progress take a while because you have to fill a form which cost some time, that why some users ignore it and they accept to lose 5$ for this scam. IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF THIS SCAM APP, PLEASE CONTACT APPLE !!!

Great App

Great app! Easy to use. My only suggestion would be to include more topics that encompass all functions of the calculator on future updates. I do a lot of work with business and statistical calculations. I wish the app included information for how to do these kind of calculations. That is my only suggestion though. Thanks for the great product.

it's a manual!

I bought it thinking it was the calc app. Even thought it say in the description AND the icon. Probably should have noticed haha Besides that, I liked the app it showed me how to do things after I bought the calculator at the store.

Do not buy

Rip off. This is a scam. Do not buy


Its a fucjbdhdhk manual no a calculator wasted of money


It just shows you how to use a calculator. I didn't think they would ever rip you off this bad for instructions on how to use a calculator. Will be calling for refund


Absolute waste of money this app taught me nothing. Their horrible 3-4 slide tutorials with no text explanation don't teach you a thing. This app should have a descriptive manual on how to use the calculator, but it does not.

This is terrible

This is terrible this is just a manual for a calculator we already know how to use I need an actual calculator not this bs.

Not worth it

This app only tells you how to use a calculator not gives you one. If you want to know how to use a calculator google it, it shouldn't cost $5. This is useless. I want a refund!!

Good app

Good manual for calculators

thought this was a real calculator

is it possible to get a refund?

It's a manual

You can't use it for actual math, and for learning f(x) function uses you have to buy a separate one

Useful calculator

I'm a junior in high school and i'm in love with this app, i use it constantly in my Alg2/Trig class. The thing is i've become so used to this app i have no idea how to use any of the graphing calculators that i'm allowed to have in the state exam in two weeks. So what i was thinking , while it'll be no help to me this year, you guys should make your own actual graphing calculator that runs the same as the app, i highly recommend this calculator over the others.

Good app

A very useful graphical calculator. Concise design. Powerful and easy to use. I like to use it. It helped me a lot.

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